Storyline – Review Concepts

two men and a woman looking at a screenThis e-learning snippet completed in Storyline 3 was used as a part of a refresher course. Learners previously completed full training up to a year ago and we wanted to make sure they were current.

It makes use of branching, conditions, audio and quizzing.

This snippet leaves out the assessment and only covers one module.

TDF Account Planning snippet

Structured Authoring topic

image of slide from document

Content sample from topic on Structured Authoring.

Structured Authoring topic for content developers.






02 XML and DITA Constructs (pdf)

ISO 9001 Storyboard – slides and script

image of first page of storyboard doucment

Sample selection of storyboard

Sample of a script with slides for a story board used with ‘Intro to Process’ course.




Storyboard and script sample (word doc)

Gaming Proposal – Gamification of e-learning

snippet of word document

Proposal for gamification of onboarding for LCMS

Proposal for e-learning module to assist with Onboarding of Developers to new learning content management system (LCMS)





Gamification Proposal (MS Word, no preview)