Training Modalities

image of first page of document

Document comparing different modes of training

A brief that compares different types of training modalities and effectiveness across delivery methods.




Training Modalities (word doc)

ISO 9001 Storyboard – slides and script

image of first page of storyboard doucment

Sample selection of storyboard

Sample of a script with slides for a story board used with ‘Intro to Process’ course.




Storyboard and script sample (word doc)

Gaming Proposal – Gamification of e-learning

snippet of word document

Proposal for gamification of onboarding for LCMS

Proposal for e-learning module to assist with Onboarding of Developers to new learning content management system (LCMS)





Gamification Proposal (MS Word, no preview)

Voice Over Script

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snippet of voice over script

Script used as a part of e-learning module.





VO script snippet

Blueprint for workshop

snippet of a word document

sample of a blueprint for a workshop

Instructions for building an e-learning module. This is used for review by stakeholders, then content developers to create the content.





E-Learning module blueprint sample